MedMaxFinance is the compassionate healthcare expense loan program designed to help your patients pay you!

The MedMaxFinance helps healthcare providers – like you – help your patients manage their out-of-pocket expenses associated with treatment and service.

By offering a 6-month interest free, well structured, affordable payment option -- on accounts not collected at the time of service -- MedMaxFinance grants your patients peace of mind while providing you measurable and tangible benefits.

Better yet, this service is FREE to you, the provider.

That means our program eliminates contingency fees on payment plans that business offices usually incur and do not routinely track when using an “Early Out Agency”.

Or, if you are managing a patient payment plan internally this program can eliminate your growing expenses for postage and forms.

You get 100% of your principal back as it is collected. Your receivable is not scored or discounted.

There is no recourse on these accounts; therefore your accounting process is greatly simplified.

As much as a 30% improvement in collections on payment plans has been demonstrated by our MedMaxFinance program.

Contact us to see if MedMaxFinance is right for your provider services.

Call 855-533-5210 or email us at

We do all the work.

MedMaxFinance provides initial training, applications, and all marketing materials about the program.

In addition, our Client Loyalty Expert will work with you to provide on-site or over the phone assistance when needed.

All inbound phone calls to your business office from patients choosing a payment option, are directed through your IVR to one of our Credit Analysts. Our team will then assist patients applying by phone… improving abandon call rates in your call center.

And, because this is a web-based program, it allows patients to apply online, review statements, make payments, and more.

We establish an integrated process with your patient accounting system, so most applicants learn within seconds that they have been approved. Once approved patients are able to add their medical charges online to the MedMaxFinance account.

Let US help YOU by offering the COMPASSIONATE FINANCIAL SOLUTION that makes business sense for you and offers peace of mind for your patients.

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