1. How do I apply for a MedMaxFinance card?

Answer 1: For an instant response, you can apply online at You can also apply by telephone by calling us at (855) 533-5200, or mail your paper application to Post Office Box 20208, Tampa Fl. 33622-0208.

2. How can I check on the status of my MedMaxFinance card application?

Answer 2: An instant response will be provided to all applicants who apply for a MedMaxFinance card online. If you are applying by telephone, a response will be provided to you by one of our Credit Analyst after the application has been processed. Please allow 7 to 10 business days for all applications received by mail.

All determination results are mailed to applicants. However, you can contact MedMaxFinance at (855) 533-5200 at any time to obtain an update on the status of your application.

3. My application is in Pending status. How do I get my application approved?

Answer 3:
  1. If you are an applicant under 21 years of age, MedMaxFinance cannot extend you immediate credit until additional information is provided :
    • Permission to contact your employer
    • List of any previous employers not including the one listed on your application
    • A copy of your latest Check Stub
  2. If you are an applicant who is self-employed, a copy of your the latest tax return is required.

4. What is the MedMaxFinance card interest rate (APR)?

Answer 4: MedMaxFinance provides a 0% Intro APR for the first 180 days after each transaction that is added to your account. After that, a low annual APR per year on any amount that remains unpaid after each transaction’s initial 180-day period. Select your provider on the Participating Provider page for further details.

5. Does the ACCESSCARD have an annual membership fee?

Answer 5: Yes, the annual membership fee is $25.00.

6. How is my MedMaxFinance credit limit determined?

Answer 6: Your MedMaxFinance credit limit is based upon your report of your current household income, the source of that income compared to the Federal Poverty Guidelines. The maximum credit limit allowable is $25,000.

7. When can I expect to receive my MedMaxFinance card?

Answer 7: If approved, you will receive your MedMaxFinance card and Welcome Packet within 7 to 10 business days.

8. Where can I use the MedMaxFinance card?

The ACCESSCARD is a limited-use card and can only be used with Healthcare Providers who have agreed to accept the ACCESSCARD. The ACCESSCARD cannot be used to pay medical debt to any collection agency, even if the debt was originally owed for a service from a Healthcare Provider who has agreed to accept the ACCESSCARD. Each Healthcare Provider has the option at its sole discretion not to accept the membership ACCESSCARD as a method of payment for initial amounts due at the time of service.

A list of Helathcare Facilities can be found at

9. What should I do if my MedMaxFinance card is lost or stolen or fraudulently used?

Answer 9: If you suspect that your MedMaxFinance card has been lost, stolen or fraudulently used, please contact one of our Credit Analysts immediately at (855) 533-5200. At that time, your recent account transactions will be reviewed and any charge disputes initiated. A new MedMaxFinance account number and card will be issued in the event of theft or fraud.

10. If I choose not to utilize my MedMaxFinance card for a period and carry no outstanding balance, will my account be closed?

Answer 10: If your Account is paid in full with a zero balance and you would like to close your Account, you must contact us in writing or by telephone. Otherwise, even if the Account is not being used, it will remain open and the Annual Membership Fee will be charged every year on the anniversary date of opening your Account.

11. How can I reach a MedMaxFinance representative?

Answer 11: A MedMaxFinance Analyst can be reached at (855) 533-5200, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. eastern time.


1. What if my MedMaxFinance approved credit limit is less than my medical bills?

Answer 1: You can request a review of your credit limit by contacting a MedMaxFinance Analyst at (855) 533-5200.

2. What should I do if I do not receive my MedMaxFinance Billing Statement in the mail?

Answer 2: Contact a MedMaxFinance Analyst immediately at (855) 533-5200, to confirm your current address information. You can always view a copy of your current Billing Statement, as well as your overall Billing Statement history, on the MedMaxFinance web page.

3. How can I request a replacement MedMaxFinance card?

Answer 3:You can request a new card by contacting MedMaxFinance at (855) 533-5200.


1. How can I add an authorized user to my MedMaxFinance card?

Answer 1: You can add authorized users online by visiting our website, or you can call us at (855) 533-5200. Please remember to send the Authorization to use or disclose Protected Health Information (HIPAA) signed by the Authorized User before adding any charges to your account.

2. Can I order MedMaxFinance cards for my Authorized Users?

Answer 2: Yes. The first additional card issued on your Account for yourself or an Authorized User is free of charge. However, we will charge you an Additional Card Fee of $15.00 for the second and subsequent Cards issued on your account. All fees associated with your MedMaxFinance card are outlined in your MedMaxFinance Cardholder Agreement


1. How can I add new charges to my MedMaxFinance card?

Answer 1: You can add new charges online by visiting our website, you can also call us at (855) 533-5200 or visit the facility where the service was provided. Please have the following information ready:
  • Service Facility Name
  • Patient Account Number
  • Service Date
  • Billing Amount

2. Does MedMaxFinance charge a fee if I exceed my credit limit?

Answer 2: MedMaxFinance will not charge a fee for over-the-limit balances. All fees associated with your MedMaxFinance card are outlined in your MedMaxFinance Cardholder Agreement.

3. If I do not have my card available during a medical encounter, how can I request that the charges be placed on my MedMaxFinance account?

Answer 3: If no ACCESSCARD is available during a medical encounter, please contact a Credit Analyst at (855) 533-5200 so that your account can be reviewed.

4. Why did MedMaxFinance deny some of my medical billing charges?

Answer 4: If some of your medical billing charges were denied by MedMaxFinance, please contact a Credit Analyst at (855) 533-5200.

5. Can I dispute a charge if I think my Billing Statement is incorrect?

Answer 5: Yes, but we must hear from you no later than 60 days after we sent you the first Billing Statement in which the error or problem appeared.

Do not write on the Billing Statement. Please write a separate letter including, (you may telephone your inquiry but by doing so, you will not preserve your rights under The Federal truth in Lending act) the following information:
  • Account Information — Your MedMaxFinance card number and your name as it appears on your card.
  • Transaction Code: Listed on your Billing Statement
  • Charge Amount — The amount of the charge that you believe is a discrepancy.
  • Description of Discrepancy — Describe why you believe the charge you are challenging is a discrepancy.


1. What are my payment options with the MedMaxFinance card?

Answer 1: MedMaxFinance accepts check, debit card, wire transfer, or money order payments, cash payments are also accepted, but are not recommended. Payments are to be made by the Payment Due Date specified on your monthly Billing Statement, and can be initiated either online at, by telephone with one of our Analysts at no additional charge at (855) 533-5200, or you can mail your payment to Post Office Box 20208, Tampa, FL 33622-0208.

No credit cards please!

2. How is interest accrued on my account balance?

Answer 2: Please refer to MedMaxFinance Cardholder Agreement for an explanation on how interest is accrued on your account balance.

3. How does MedMaxFinance calculate my monthly minimum payment?

Answer 3: Please refer to MedMaxFinance Cardholder Agreement for an explanation on how your minimum payment is calculated.

4. What is MedMaxFinance's late payment policy?

Answer 4: Late payments will be subject to a fee as outlined in your MedMaxFinance Cardholder Agreement.

5. Can I make a payment on my MedMaxFinance card at a medical provider’s office?

Answer 5: No. All payments need to be sent to MedMaxFinance. See back of your monthly Billing Statement for instructions on how to submit your payment.

6. How can I reach a MedMaxFinance representative to discuss other account charges or payment issues?

Answer 6: A MedMaxFinance Analyst can be reached at (855) 533-5200, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. eastern time.


1. How can I register for online account access?

Answer 1: By visiting the website, existing cardholders can register for online account access. To register the cardholder will need the following information:
  • MedMaxFinance account number
  • Cardholder First and Last name
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security Number
  • Email address

2. Can I manage my MedMaxFinance account online?

Answer 2: Yes, once you have completed the registration process you can access your account online. From the website, you will be able to:
  • Add new medical charges by patient account number
  • Manage your account online
  • Pay your bill online
  • Print Billing Statements
  • View a summary of account activity
  • Add an authorized user

3. Can I use my bank account information to pay my MedMaxFinance Billing Statement?

Answer 3: Yes, we accept online payments from either your bank institution (wire transfer) or through your debit card. MedMaxFinance does not accept major credit cards.

4. Can I change personal information, such as my address, telephone number and e-mail address, on my account through the MedMaxFinance web page?

Answer 4: Yes, however, you will need to register your account on the MedMaxFinance web page first.

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