"It has been a long time since I received such great customer service. You have great employees that helped me with everything! Thank you."
~ Sandra

"The MedMaxFinancing program was very helpful to me when I needed it. Every person that I spoke with every month to make my payment was very kind, helpful and had great customer service. Thank you!"
~ Lucy

"It has been a pleasure to work with everyone I dealt with — thank you so much! Hopefully I won't need your services anymore, but, if I do, I will be calling you again to work with you."
~ Stephanie

"I think this program is excellent. I am glad you guys started it. I think it is a beautiful thing."
~ Nicholas

"I am just so thankful there is a program like this that allows us to take care of the bills in a little more comfortable fashion than what alternatives might be. Thank you."
~ Satisfied customer

"I had the need to use some kind of financing, so BayCare suggested I use MedMaxFinance. Just wanted to say it was such a BIG help. It was just so handy. This is such a great service, especially with the way insurance is now. Should the need rise again, I will use MedMaxFinance or certainly recommend it to someone else."
~ Kathryn

"Thank you very much for the service, especially when you are strapped on cash. Thank you so much!"
~ Cindy

"Exceptional customer service, just incredibly awesome. It's one thing to already be stressed with medical bills coming in, but then to have someone to sit patiently, and explain everything again, and again and answer all your questions, it just meant the world. So thank you so much!"
~ Alecta

"Hi. I just wanted to let y'all know how great the service is. The website was very easy to use — it went right through, and I got approved. So thank you SOO much. Your service is invaluable. I'm going to be telling other people about it. Thank you so much."
~ Satisfied customer

"Hi, I just want to say I am very pleased with MMF and the opportunity to pay off my hospital bills without any interest. I have enjoyed the program!"
~ Satisfied customer

"I had a $15,000 bill staring me in the face, and I didn't know how I was going to pay it. With your low monthly payments, it makes it so much easier. I can breath — I appreciate this very nice service. Thank you."
~ Mark

"Just wanted to thank you for providing a service that was very helpful when I needed it. When I had questions things were explained very thoroughly. Thank you."
~ Satisfied customer

"I just had a wonderful conversation, and she was so helpful and just what a great asset to your company. I am getting ready to have surgery tomorrow and she took a lot of my worries away about things I didn't even want to be thinking about."

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